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Month: August 2014

Research Operation Posted on August 18, 2014 by Adam Warner

MRops is an end-to end market research operations company, working with research agencies and management consulting firms across the globe. The company was founded in 2007 and has grown very fast – excelling at executing the most complex work in the MR industry. When they approached us earlier this year it was because they felt their visual identity and website were not communicating the right messages any more. So, we got started with a workshop, with team members from different

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How is China Different? Insights for Effective Chinese Packaging Posted on August 13, 2014 by siobhannolan

China’s economy has grown seven times as fast as America’s over the last ten years, and the urban middle class alone is bigger than the entire US population today. Perception Research Services (PRS) Source: How is China Different? Insights for Effective Chinese Packaging

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Visualising Network Research Posted on August 7, 2014 by Adam Warner

Customer experience expert Network Research has been helping many of the UK’s best known companies to win and build profitable relationships with customers since 1987. The management team approached Mustard to update their brand identity and website as they felt a specialist agency would understand their needs better than one without MR experience. Before we started creating the new brand identity, we got the senior management team members together at a Mustard workshop to discuss the company’s vision, positioning, messaging

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Mustard on tour Posted on by Adam Warner

September and October will see Mustard jetting off to speak at some very exciting events in the market research calendar. The tour kicks off with ESOMAR’s Congress in Nice on 7th – 10th September. Directors, Lucy Davison and Simon Dunn will be exploring ‘Brand MR’ by inviting Congress attendees to imagine, visualise and describe what MR should be in the future. The interactive exercise will take place throughout the Congress, aiming to discover both where the industry is now and

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Conquering Content Marketing Posted on by Adam Warner

Mustard recently wrote a three piece series for Research World Connect about content marketing. The three pieces outlined the way in which content marketing should be approached, while communicating the benefit of investing in it. Here are all three pieces: Building a Brilliant Content Marketing Strategy Over the next few weeks, RWC will be publishing our guide to content marketing for market researchers. We plan to outline the way in which content marketing should be approached, while communicating the benefit

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Maritz Research Europe takes Cover Posted on August 1, 2014 by Julie

Nigel Cover, previously of Grass Roots, has been appointed as the company’s new vice president for Business Services. Source: Maritz Research Europe takes Cover  

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