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Month: June 2016

Let’s go out and tell some stories – ESOMAR storytelling & communications event Posted on June 16, 2016 by Julie

Storytelling has been highlighted as a central topic within the market research industry for a number of years now. We know it’s important and we know we need to apply it to our everyday office activities. Unfortunately the difficulty is that market researchers still struggle to lose their ‘data duvet’ and abandon data as a safety blanket. The succeeding difficultly comes from figuring out just how market researches can implement this majestic storytelling element. Wednesday’s ESOMAR UK event answered both

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The challenges behind being a challenger bank Posted on June 3, 2016 by Julie

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Consumer (not customer) experience | Opinion Posted on by Julie

Understanding what influences a person buying your products or services needs to start before they ever become an actual customer says Virginia Monk. Source: Consumer (not customer) experience | Opinion

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Three and Tesco Mobile customers “happiest in UK” – MVNO Dynamics Posted on by Julie

Vodafone UK ("Study by Network Research claims MVNO has highest NPS score (+27), while Vodafone came bottom, Tesco Mobile customers are the happiest") Source: Three and Tesco Mobile customers “happiest in UK” - MVNO Dynamics

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Ofcom report names Tesco Mobile as the least complained about network in the UK Posted on by Julie

Last week, Ofcom the UK’s communications regulator, released its latest report, with the aim of shedding light on how we as mobile networks provide service to our users. It set about ranking all the UK’s networks so that you can have a clear way of finding out which network consumers have the most need to complain about. Read more: Tesco Mobile

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