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Month: April 2017

Self-funded research – know your PR target Posted on April 21, 2017 by Adam Warner

One of the biggest challenges we have as an insights and data communications agency is clients coming to us at the beginning of a retainer with a piece of self-funded research that they conducted prior to the Mustard team coming on board. But why is this a challenge? Surely it’s great to have some data ready to pitch out to media, journalists must be craving those sweet, sweet, data sets, no? Unfortunately for us and our clients, that is generally

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How to approach an MRX trade show: key learnings from the 2017 Insight Show Posted on April 10, 2017 by Julie

The 2017 Insight Show saw an 80% registration increase with presenters and delegates from across the globe. With this much attention placed on exhibitors, you need to make sure you stand out amongst the sea of researchers. But did the exhibitors take full advantage of the wave of attendees passing their stands over the two-day trade show? Team Mustard spent the two days soaking up the content and wandering around the trade show. And we spent a lot of time

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Where storytelling ends and communication begins: the essential skills for the researcher of the future Posted on by Lucy

By Lucy Davison Full article published in Research World In a Research World article titled ‘Where storytelling ends and communication begins,’ we outlined four essential skills for the researcher of the future. We’ve been struggling with the ability to communicate clearly, powerfully and with impact as an industry for much more than a decade. In my view it’s high time to take a different approach. What if we thought of ourselves as being in the communications business rather than in

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