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Month: June 2017

Are we Black Cabs or are we Ubers? ESOMAR UK meet-up Posted on June 23, 2017 by Julie

By Julie Aebersold (published in RWConnect) On the evening of 14th June, data, research and insight professionals gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities that are leading us into the future of market research. It’s true; there are a lot of scary things on the horizon that will certainly impact our industry. Within this uncertainty, we must ask ourselves, will we grab technology by the horns like Uber or will we fail to innovate like London black cabs? I’d like

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There are no knowns – A day at the Market Research Summit 2017 Posted on June 5, 2017 by Julie

By Julie Aebersold (originally posted in RWConnect) The Internet today is 8,977 days old, and it’s no secret we couldn’t live without it. This is how the 5th annual Market Research Summit kicked off in London. Every day market researchers are embracing change in a digital era to survive. These changes have led us into an age of uncertainty; where each decision we make shapes the future of market research. The full day of presentations began with a panel tasked

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