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Month: April 2018

IMD London 2018: essential advice from insights marketing experts Posted on April 11, 2018 by Jennifer Redfern

Within the competitive landscape of market research, data and insight, it’s important to make sure your company stand out to clients, but too many MRX companies are still missing the boat when it comes to good insights marketing. So, this year we’ve teamed up with GreenBook to bring you Insights Marketing Day London 2018 on the 11th May - a day of vital practical advice and strategy for MRX marketing, to significantly improve your own marketing and provide solutions to

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Life’s not a pitch Posted on April 4, 2018 by Lucy

By Lucy Davison (originally posted on the GreenBook Blog and the Business Intelligence Group Blog). I recently attended one of the more commercial insights industry events.  A lot of the content at these events is ‘pay to play’ – when suppliers and agencies pay a fee to get a slot on the platform. In essence, I do not think this is a bad idea.  It funds events and conferences, so getting more knowledge out into the industry, and it gives

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