A Focus(ed)Vision

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A Focus(ed)Vision
Posted on April 14, 2015 by Iosetta Santini

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FocusVision provides technology to support market research. The firm came to us after acquiring Revelation Global, the mobile and web platform for qualitative market research. We had worked with Steve August and his team at Revelation for some time on their marketing; but after acquiring Revelation, FocusVision needed to revise its messaging and website in order to incorporate Revelation.

So we packed our bags and flew to Stamford, Connecticut to conduct a workshop with FocusVision’s board and investors. The workshop reviewed their current positioning and their vision for the future, it looked at their competitors, their brand messaging and where they wanted to go. Once we had honed a creative brief, analysed and revised the brand and site architecture and focused on their core messaging, we were ready to start. Because the company was planning further acquisitions, it wanted the new site up and running in as soon as possible. We developed a schedule that meant we could do it in five weeks – from sign off of the creative brief to launch.

In order to deliver within the timeframe we had to make sure every minute invested in the project was maximised. So, it was of paramount importance everyone knew what it was needed from them at every stage of the project. With this project we proved our project management skills are top notch.

The next challenge was organising the information architecture. FocusVision wanted the products to be the star of the show and as the products did not have a coherent narrative we wrote their new description based on their temporary new brand messaging ‘Be there’. This included designing bespoke icons for each product –to simply and clearly communicate what each product does.

The client also wanted us to build the site on the HubSpot platform; an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors and convert leads from their website. We had not used Hubspot before to build a site, but Mustard’s previous experience in building websites and our knowledge of current internet standards meant it didn’t take us too long to get our heads around it. We worked hard to design and build the site within the chosen HubSpot theme, writing all the copy and content to ensure they all worked together to give an focused and relevant message.

Though the new site for Focus Vision was a temporary solution to a big issue, we are proud of the results, in particular of delivering the project, successfully on time, around the constraints of the withstanding brand, within the short time frame on an unfamiliar platform.