Aspen Finn takes flight

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Aspen Finn takes flight
Posted on February 9, 2021 by Braden MacDonald

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With a base of happy clients and a team of great people advising clients on innovation, brand, communication and insight strategies, the board at 20|20 realised it was time to launch a new consultancy offer, separate and distinct from its online qualitative solutions.

Our role at Keen as Mustard was to identify the core strength of the team and develop a brand and identity around that that was distinctive and engaging. Through our strategy work and our extensive knowledge of the insights profession, we identified that the team was focused on interacting with people in a natural way – in their natural environment, observing and not questioning intrusively. This way of working combined elements from cognitive psychology – perception, experience and identity – with learnings from decades of consumer conversations. As a result, the team were able to reveal authentic consumer stories.

This ‘natural’ approach was one we had not come across before and it gave us the idea of drawing from nature to create a new name and identity. So Aspen Finn was born. The Aspen tree is common to Colorado, where many of the team were based. The trees ‘communicate’ through vast underground networks, connecting thousands of them – which was a great metaphor for the work of insights people digging deep to make connections with thousands of consumers. The Finn is a type of Finch – an intelligent, agile and lively bird, able to both soar above the world and dive right into it. We put them together to make a unique name.

Once the name was decided, we developed the proposition for the brand and built on the same ideas to create a strong and simple visual identity with an outline that reflects both the leaf of the Aspen tree and the shape of a small bird. This was further developed on the website where we took the line of the visual identity for a walk using line-drawn images of different people, to explore their unique stories. The outline encourages the viewer to ask questions of the images and imagine their lives – who are these people? where are they going? what do they need? So, we led on the website with questions about the images to intrigue the viewer. Having told the brand story through an animated video we created for the homepage, we then worked with the team at Aspen Finn to create the copy and design for the full site and managed its build ready for launch.

Julia Eisenberg, SVP at Aspen Finn says,

“Bringing Aspen Finn to life with KAM was a delight.  Their organised, creative and supportive approach was exactly what we needed at each stage of development.  We were able to introduce Aspen Finn to the world on time and as planned which is both excellent and terrible as I will dearly miss regular contact with Lucy and Simon.”

It was a joy to work with the team at Aspen Finn and we are looking forward to watching their brand grow and flourish, naturally.