Business Insider: The share that keeps on sharing.

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Business Insider: The share that keeps on sharing.
Posted on July 11, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

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Vision Critical recently released the findings of a study that uncovered that ‘showrooming’, a phenomena that has kept the retail world up at night since the rise of social media, should not be feared. Whilst 26% of people engage in showrooming, 41% engage in reverse showrooming – amongst other key findings.

Our PR wizard, Jocelyn Senior, triumphed when the article appeared in The Drum. The article was then picked up in Business Insider – a publication which is rated as one of the top online business sites, alongside The Economist and the FT.

Nearly 1,000 social media shares later, new coverage comes in every day: it bounced from The Entrepreneur, to Yahoo! and further. With a readership of 24.4mil a month, the exposure is unsurprising.

So share, after share, after share it’s safe to say that the news is well and truly out there – and the readership just keeps growing: social media is a brilliant tool.

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