Emily Slee joins Keen as Mustard Marketing

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Emily Slee joins Keen as Mustard Marketing
Posted on July 25, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

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The departure of PR assistant Randi in April left Mustard missing a little spice. A few weeks of pining and searching later, I found Emily, after wading through a few (hundred) applications.

So, Emily has left her country bumpkin roots behind her and joined the ranks at Mustard Towers in the big smoke. She graduated from Reading University in History and Ancient History in 2012 and joins us after spending a few months in the Alps, catering for skiers in a cosy chalet. Her first encounter with Media Disk was at the age of 16, and she’s been fixated with PR ever since. She’s also spent some time honing her communications skills after two internships; one even saw her spend time immersed in the buzz of tech hub Google Campus.


Emily has been working on Mustard’s PR clients such as Vision Critical, Research Now and PRS. Her first ‘win’ for us was pitching a Royal Baby Names story to Hello magazine – and getting it in (seen by a mere 1.4 million people a week).  Speaking on her new role, Emily said, “As a newcomer to the world of research, it has been fascinating to get to know the industry and the way it works and I am enjoying using data to drive media coverage. The team at Mustard has welcomed me under their wing and offered a great deal of support – and I am now working towards the MRS’s Certificate in Market and Social Research. It’s all very exciting and I’m chuffed to be part of such a great team.”

We can certainly say that Mustard has been hotting up since Emily’s arrival, and we’re not just talking about the Summer time temperature in the office – the spice is back in the building.