IMD London 2018: essential advice from insights marketing experts

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IMD London 2018: essential advice from insights marketing experts
Posted on April 11, 2018 by Braden MacDonald

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Within the competitive landscape of market research, data and insight, it’s important to make sure your company stand out to clients, but too many MRX companies are still missing the boat when it comes to good insights marketing. So, this year we’ve teamed up with GreenBook to bring you Insights Marketing Day London 2018 on the 11th May – a day of vital practical advice and strategy for MRX marketing, to significantly improve your own marketing and provide solutions to your problems.

This year promises an agenda full of experts, both client and agency-side. The client panel will welcome speakers from the BBC, Barclaycard and Coca-Cola, to offer advice on the best ways to approach clients. Take advantage of this session to find out what clients really think of your company’s insights marketing, and how you can improve it to attract the clients you really want. The agency panel, with speakers from Kadence, B2B International, FreshMinds and PRS IN VIVO, will provide examples of marketing successes (and failures) so you can learn from them and avoid making similar mistakes.

Throughout the day you will see speakers from a variety of agencies take the stage. E-Tabs’ Conor Wilson will discuss branding and visual identity, Lightspeed’s Wiepke van der Wal will present on working with associations, Brainstorm Digital’s Miriam Shaviv will advise you on your email marketing campaigns, and B2B International’s Conor Wilcock will return to the stage after his appearance on the agency panel to speak about branding. There will even be presentations from two of our own Mustards, Simon Dunn and Adam Warner, talking about web optimisation and MRX content strategies.

Click here to view the full agenda.

So, please do join us on the 11th May at King’s College Great Hall London for what promises to be an informative day of knowledge sharing and networking.

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