Join us for Viz-Fest 2016: our free week-long webinar

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Join us for Viz-Fest 2016: our free week-long webinar
Posted on September 29, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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Viz-Fest returns from the 31st October for a free, week-long online festival of data design, communications and data visualization unique to the insight industry.

Viz-Fest occurs from 4 PM daily to uncover the latest and greatest insight into visual communications and storytelling to provide you secrets and tactics to strengthen your marketing and stakeholder communications.

  • Day 1 – Visual identity and branding
  • Day 2 – Deliverables and communications
  • Day 3 – Data visualizations and dashboards
  • Day 4 – Storytelling

Viz-Fest 2016 is brought to you by Keen as Mustard Marketing and reporting and data visualization solutions company E-Tabs. Viz-Fest gives you access to unmissable insight from industry experts, both agency and client-side, including Northstar Research and Happy Thinking People. See the full agenda here.

This online festival is delivered straight to your work desktop (or to your couch if you’re lucky), so we encourage you to tune in from all over the world. Sessions begin at 4 PM BST and run from 31 October to 3 November.

Let the world of data viz and communications inspire you with a glimpse into the result of using truly effective communication and branding that outperforms industry standards.

Click here to find out more and register for Viz-Fest 2016.