Keen as Mustard’s Simon Dunn to teach Webinar on Infotactics

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Keen as Mustard’s Simon Dunn to teach Webinar on Infotactics
Posted on June 12, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

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Infographics are an increasingly popular method of communicating the findings of market research. In a world where people are bombarded with a huge amount of information, infographics are digestable and grab readers’ attention.

But how should researchers go about creating an infographic? Mustard’s very own Director, Simon knows. He is responsible for creating Keen as Mustard Marketing’s award winning infographics, such as the example below.

Simon sharing his knowledge and experience at the #NewMR.

‘Trends in Infographics, Visualisation and Presenting’ webinar on 28 June. His session will explain to researchers how they can brief and use designers to get the best results from market research data. As part of this Simon will introduce the idea of using a creative brief and give guidance on how to focus on a single story and bring it to life visually. He will compare and contrast ‘proper’ infographics with those that are really a thoughtfully designed collection of mini-charts.

#NewMR founder Ray Poynter said: “Over the last couple of years we’ve been inundated with new reporting styles, from infographics, to data visualisation, to new presenting tools such as Prezi. This has excited most of us, but it has also left many wondering how to implement all these great ides. To answer this question, #NewMR has gathered together, virtually, experts from around the globe, such as Keen as Mustard Marketing’s Simon Dunn and Vision Critical’s Carley Fain to produce on online conference – specifically on how to implement and use these new approaches.”

To find more information on the event and to register please visit #NewMR here: