The Annual Alumni Dinner

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The Annual Alumni Dinner
Posted on October 24, 2012 by Iosetta Santini

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Team Mustard has just had The Annual Alumni Dinner where rookie seeds and veterans got together to meet, greet, eat a meal based entirely on the delicious Mustard condiment, drink and be Mustard-merry. Hosted à la maison de Colonel Mustard, Lucy Davison, the guest list featured current Mustards, co-director Simon Dunn, PR associate Jocelyn Senior, account manager Santiago Dominguez, PR assistant Randi Hunton, and former Mustards Rachael Miller and Mark Kimber.

“What does this dinner have to do with marketing or research?” we hear you ask.  Well, our scientific approach to tasting the fantastic array of Mustards on which we dined certainly covered the research angle. Not only this, we had a fabulous time and experienced some essential Mustard team bonding thanks to a little Prosecco and a lot of recipes from the Mustard cookbook. Looks like Mustard brings out the flavour of more than just market research.

Want to see what we got up to? Check our facebook for photos of the team, the spread and of course, a couple of amusing candids.