Best Actor

Strengths, Weaknesses and improvements

Your communication strengths include: being charismatic, charming and entertaining, all of all of these qualities combined make you a great public speaker. You’re always shining on whatever stage you’re on. People are drawn to you and like you to be the face of the work of your team, presenting your insights. Your enthusiasm shines through. Your strengths also lie in your ability to create one liners, hone the elevator pitch and manage the people above you. You keep your seniors informed and on schedule and use succinct, interesting ways to get influence.

Your communication weaknesses include: The way you charm people? It can be overly confident; it can put people off and make them suspicious about whether you have a grip on the detail. Quite often you can end up missing the finer details as you’re bored by the ins and outs of data. As you can sometimes struggle to give bad news, you can get dizzy with the amount you spin a story. It would be good if you were more willing to share the spotlight or the credit with your team.

To improve your impact and get FAME we suggest you use your charisma to promote insights and champion the customer perspective within your organisation. But always remember, you have two ears and one mouth, so listen and consult before you speak. You may be the star in your team, but should also make time to mentor and support others and encourage them to come forward to bring the next generation of stars to the forefront. Remember that the big picture is made up of details, so take on board each element and make sure you do your homework.