Best Cinematographer

Strengths, Weaknesses and improvements

Your communication strengths include: You’re bold and original, often you think visually and are able to make connections and see patterns in data that others miss. You master the details so that you can weave stories from data and create content that people love. You are not afraid of discovering new technologies and love getting to grips with new software or designing new solutions for your team.

Your communication weaknesses include: you can get obsessive with the detail and be unable to step back from it. You’re easily frustrated with others who don’t have your patience or grip on the detail or who cannot see the patterns in the data that you do. Although you’re imaginative and a problem solver, you can be introverted and prefer others to present or share your work.

To improve your impact and get FAME we recommend that you get better at looking at context and the bigger picture, use your imagination to communicate to those who might not understand what you have found. Try to share your skills with your team members and mentor people to help them see patterns in the way you do, in turn get them to mentor you on how to present. Make sure to communicate your message clearly and simply.