Best Director

Strengths, Weaknesses and improvements

Your communication strengths include: being a good leader, people turn to you for advice and direction. You’re creative and observant, because you get the bigger picture you can tell what is going to work and what isn’t. With your smart, principled manners people trust what you have to say, and they understand your rationale. Working ‘behind the camera’ you create the vision, and the ‘star’ presents them with your direction. Your vision gives context, broaden views, and put the pieces together. Innovative and inspiring, you get your team the FAME they deserve.

Your communication weaknesses include: you assume people understand what you mean and can get frustrated when less experienced people don’t ‘get’ the context like you do. You have been known to use jargon, acronyms, and platitudes – having to explain gets boring and you move fast. As you’re focused on the big picture, you sometimes come across as too abstract. You’re excited to communicate in new ways or with different channels but often give it a try once and don’t stick with it.

To improve your impact and get FAME we recommend being more consistent – remember communication is a marathon not a sprint. Integrate new, shiny communication methods and stick with them. Make sure you really know your stakeholders and their needs. Ditch the jargon, and have a bit more patience to ensure you are truly clear