Best Supporting Actor

Strengths, Weaknesses and improvements

Your communication strengths include: being consistent and planning carefully. Never a one-hit wonder, you are great at project management. Your warm-hearted and compassionate outlook means your colleagues turn to you for your support. You’re a good listener, people trust you and you make things happen. Your copywriting skills are to be envied and you can always tell a good story in a small group.

Your communication weaknesses include: Because you often fall in love with data, you can overcomplicate things and fail to step back and see the big picture. Your copywriting skills and love of words, though a blessing, also means you can get too involved and find it hard to give the elevator pitch – you suffer from Pascal’s problem of not having enough time to write a shorter letter. Your compassion means you want to help and can often end up being overcommitted to too many projects, spread yourself too thinly and lose focus.

To improve your impact and get FAME we recommend you take a step back and remember to always understand the purpose of what you’re doing. Remember what action you want people to take as a result of your communications. Give yourself time to write short subject lines and practice those thirty second pitches.