Raising the profile of Lab42

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Raising the profile of Lab42
Posted on November 16, 2015 by Iosetta Santini

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Lab42 is a full service market research agency with a unique, social media based, respondent recruitment methodology. Lab42 tasked us with raising awareness in the US, educating the audience on the method, providing inbound leads and creating materials to support the sales team.


After a virtual workshop run with Mustard directors and key stakeholders at Lab42, we created a multi-channel marketing and PR strategy to address all of Lab42’s requirements. Targeting the market research industry to educate the audience on the methodology we successfully placed articles in a number of trade media titles such as Quirks and Research Live. We also created a self-funded research project for the vertical trade media to raise awareness among Lab42’s potential clients. This resulted in articles in The Progressive Grocer, TechWire, and Convenience Store News significantly raising Lab42’s profile. This content was all repackaged into HTML mailers and blog posts, supporting the sales team in generating more pre-sales touch. The project has led to a considerable number of new, qualified in-bound leads.

Co-founder and VP of product, Jonathan Pirc said, “Educating our market on our offering was incredibly important to us, Keen as Mustard’s knowledge of the industry provided a unique perspective in achieving that goal. Their experience also allowed us to maximise our return on investment with our self-funded research assisting our sales team and providing opportunities to grow the company”.