Transforming Dub

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Transforming Dub
Posted on November 5, 2015 by Iosetta Santini

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The team at Mustard Towers recently accepted the exciting challenge of repositioning Dub from a tech provider to a digital qualitative partner. Keen as Mustard helped the company articulate their new positioning and designed a brand new website to deliver Dub’s objective.

Transforming DubDub provides digital engagement software for researchers, marketers, planners and strategists to help them deliver insight and generate new ideas. They recently joined the Mustard fold in need of a new brand direction and website.

Mustard was eager to accept the challenge of repositioning Dub and helping the company to grow.

We ran a workshop involving the senior management team members to discuss Dub’s vision, positioning, messaging and future objectives. This allowed Mustard to prioritise Dub’s specific needs for the content and design of the new website. This moves the brand from being a technology provider to being a partner, enabling better relationships with people for qualitative insight and innovation. Dub’s Founder and CEO Stephen Cribbett said, “Working with Keen as Mustard has been really helpful. It was stimulating to work with a team who truly understood our company and our clients as well as digital marketing. Mustard listened to our needs and has delivered a new website design and copy that will help our company enter its next phase of growth.”

If you’re in the market research sector and require a touch of marketing from a company that fully understands your industry, please get in touch.