Turbo charging Illumination Research

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Turbo charging Illumination Research
Posted on April 14, 2015 by Iosetta Santini

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Founded in 2005, Illumination Research is a growing full-service custom market research company based in Ohio. It helps many of today’s most successful companies improve their decision-making through a deep understanding of their customers, lighting their path to growth.

The company has recently developed ‘Speed Suite’, a portfolio of research tools, designed to reduce the time and cost projects need to gain meaningful insight.

The company approached us to help them promote Speed Suite. They were receiving tremendous client interest when sharing these new tools in face-to-face meetings, but they needed a more efficient way to scale up their marketing efforts and drive awareness of the tools on a national level.

Our solution was to create a microsite for the Speed Suite, accessed from the main Illumination company website, that focused on these tools specifically. The microsite serves as a home for brilliant blogs, client case studies, and other content relating to the tools; everything you need to know about them.

It was important to set Speed Suite apart with its own website because these tools are on the leading edge of industry innovation and we felt clients would benefit from a deeper level of information about what they are and how they are used. In our discussions and brainstorms with the team at Illumination, we got one very strong message: Speed Suite gives researchers ‘superpowers’. In effect, these on demand tools turbo-charge research projects; turning researchers into superheroes.

The final messaging we created is fast, affordable, and makes you a superhero.

We came up with the idea of using an animated researcher on the home page of the microsite. The researcher transforms into a superhero when presented with the benefits of the Speed Suite tools. As the benefits zoom on to the screen, she sprouts a cape, a mask, a great big smile, and more.

The microsite and messaging is just the first step however. We are certain you will be seeing a lot more of Speed Suite in the future as we work to drive traffic to the site.

Karri Bass, CEO of Illumination Research, said, “The Keen as Mustard team did an outstanding job understanding our key objectives and developing a very engaging way to bring Speed Suite’s benefits to life. We are extremely happy with the new microsite and excited to have a powerful and efficient way to share our Speed Suite message with current and future clients.”