Vision Critical Summit 2012

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Vision Critical Summit 2012
Posted on October 4, 2012 by Iosetta Santini

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Last Friday, September 28th, Team Mustard packed up our thinking caps, camera, notebooks and pens and headed out to the Park Plaza in Victoria Embankment for Vision Critical’s Summit where the audience attendance was peppered with big-brand clients like eBay, CBS Outdoor, ASDA, British Gas, ESPN, Microsoft, and Discovery Channel. The kick-off included a food-for-thought presentation on the future of engaging respondents in market research. Vision Critical’s Ray Poynter (check  some of Ray’s blogs for Vision Critical University — informative & progressive!) touched on the future of market research, calling the gamification of surveys a “plaster” on engaging research as the industry limps along, trying to keep up with the increasingly pressing need for fast, good data, and predicting the growing space in market research for adding “the why” to big data as more research companies attempt community panels and engaging with consumers.

If you want to check out re-caps of some of the presentations, check our twitter feed as we were live-tweeting through most of the event.

A few cool case studies from Discovery Channel, CBS Outdoor, the Institute of Directors, and a panel discussion later, and we, Mustard seeds, found ourselves enjoying on-demand coffee, a delicious lunch spread including foie-gras, conversation with other Summit attendees, and of course we had the chocolate cake! Following the afternoon session, it was announced that the Institute of Directors won the European Community Panel of the Year, and all thanks to the hard work of Vision Critical.

All-in-all, the Summit was a hit: great speakers, fun people, gorgeous venue, and we all walked away with delicious canapes in our bellies and more than a feast of information for thought on the future of market research!