Viz-Fest 2015-18: the most popular presentations

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Viz-Fest 2015-18: the most popular presentations
Posted on May 14, 2019 by Braden MacDonald

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The festival of insights communication and data-viz, Viz-Fest, has been an event firmly scheduled into the Keen as Mustard and E-Tabs’ calendars for the past four years, with our most recent event taking place last November. Each year the webinar series has generated a huge amount of interest from the data, research and insights industry globally, both from presenters keen to share their knowledge and attendees who want to absorb their expertise, ask questions and gain valuable skills.

But, of the 48 Viz-Fest presentations that have taken place since Viz-Fest originated in 2015, which sessions have been the most popular with viewers? We decided to delve into the data to find out. By adding up the number of live viewers with the number of views on each recorded video, we’ve established the most popular presentation from each year’s Viz-Fest. Find out which presentations stole the limelight below:

The best presentation from 2018

Presentation: Validating Visuals: An exploration of the power and pitfalls of using visuals in research

Presenter: Jon Puleston and Becki Southern, Lightspeed

Social media and the quality of online content is making visuals a currency we all deal in. As Jeff Bullas, 2018 Forbes Top 20 Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers, states “Photos are becoming the universal language”. Whilst this was about consumers, the delivery of content to marketers and researchers is also impacted by the need to grab attention and tell a powerful story as they too are exposed to this wealth of visual content in their everyday lives. Jon and Becki shared three distinct sets of findings from Lightspeed’s research into visuals in the data collection and marketing sphere; icons and images, advertising evaluation and how we measure aesthetic acceptance. The presentation provided handy practical tips based on the findings so anyone can optimize their use of visuals in their work.

The best presentation from 2017

Presentation: All change! Rebranding from the Inside

Presenter: Tom Ewing, System1 Research

In 2017, BrainJuicer had been voted the most innovative research company six times in a row and had just enjoyed its most successful year ever. So naturally, the company rebranded as System1. As the then head of communications at System1 (Tom’s title is now Head of marketing and market intelligence),Tom’s presentation took a communication-oriented peek under the bonnet of the rebrand, talking identity, distinctive assets, writing books, and the changes in the research world that led to the decision to change everything. Watch this presentation to find out the big lessons that were learned – and the one huge marketing truth that had to be experienced the hard way.

The best presentation from 2016

Presentation: Making a Big Difference with Small Changes

Presenter: Simon Dunn, Keen as Mustard Marketing

In this presentation from our very own Creative Director Simon Dunn, Simon explained that clarity and visual appeal can be achieved with the simplest changes to PowerPoint. You can watch as Simon develops a slide himself, showing that it only takes minor tweaks and changes to give a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing end result. For any aspiring PowerPoint experts this is an essential presentation that will transform your way of working with the software.

The best presentation from 2015

Presentation: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – An Introduction to Data Visualization

Presenter: Sanford Busse, E-Tabs

On Day 1 of the first ever Viz-Fest, Sanford took to the microphone to talk about the basics of data visualization: how to get it right, how it can go wrong and how these mistakes can be avoided. This is a must-see for any data viz beginners – the presentation takes it back to the fundamentals of chart and graph usage – the types that are available and the ones that are best suited to specific types of data. The presentation finished with a data viz quiz, perfect for testing yourself on the skills you’ve just learnt.

You can register to watch all the presentations from 2015-2018 here.