Viz-Fest 2017 Revisited

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Viz-Fest 2017 Revisited
Posted on December 21, 2017 by Braden MacDonald

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Last month, Keen as Mustard teamed up with E-Tabs for the third year running to deliver Viz-Fest, a week-long festival of insight communications streamed straight to your computer. This year, the festival was bigger than ever, and registrations increased by 36% from 1859 to 2596. The week included top speakers from companies such as Jaguar Land Rover and Lloyds Banking Group, alongside Mustard’s very own Simon Dunn, exploring the festival’s four key themes: communicating data, research and insight; data visualisation and dashboards; storytelling in deliverables; and new tech in deliverables.

Day one saw agency Northstar, take the virtual stage alongside their client, Jaguar Land Rover, to share how collecting and communicating insights in a creative and visual way can really change the game for participants and stakeholders alike. They explored how using a TV show format, in this case The Apprentice, creates positive results when conducting research. The Apprentice style allowed the researchers to explore candidates’ characters, enabling Jaguar Land Rover to learn about their customers by analysing their interactions with one another. As a result, Jaguar Land Rover were able to understand their customers better by tapping into previously unheard insights and they ultimately deemed the process a massive success.

If you weren’t able to attend the live presentations or would simply like to recap your top Viz-Fest moments, you can now access a hub of all presentations from the past three years. So if you’ve ever wondered what Network Research’s Virginia Monk had to say about internal branding in 2016, or what Keen as Mustard’s Lucy Davison had to say about the power of simple messages in 2015, you now have no excuse not to find out.

We had a great time working with E-Tabs to organise 2017’s Viz-Fest and we’re really excited to get started on plans for 2018. Although officially submissions for speaking at Viz-Fest 2018 aren’t yet open, if you have ideas or would like to be involved, please do get in touch to submit your ideas.