Gone shopping

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Gone shopping
Posted on November 21, 2014 by Lucy Davison

During a recent trip across the pond, I went to visit Perception Research Services in New Jersey. The company, which has been in the business of shopper research for over 40 years, uses the Retail Lab to conduct consumer research; ranging from finding the most attractive beer bottle labels to the most engaging call to actions on an in-store banner. Mustard has been working with the company on its media profile in Europe for three years.

Before this point I was very familiar with the mobile eye tracking devices that the company own; which track exactly where a shopper is looking and with only a single calibration, respondents can go about shopping the aisle just as they would normally.

What I was not expecting was the vast Retail Lab I was invited into. The faux-supermarket was impressive; I felt like I could have been in my local Sainsbury’s.  I even spied my children’s fad of the moment: iced tea.


Here’s the video of my experience:


PRS Retail Lab Demo from Mustard Marketing on Vimeo.

Research-Live Sub-Editor Bronwen Morgan also recently gave the glasses a whirl; you can read about what she thought here.