Communicating research internally at Nestlé Purina EMENA

Late last year, Nestlé Purina EMENA Insights team carried out a study of consumer purchasing habits in five European countries. This was an important study, which held a great opportunity to amplify the impact of the insights team and its work.

With brands including Felix®, Purina ONE®, Gourmet®, Pro Plan® and Friskies®, Purina has been making pets’ lives better all over the world through its range of pet food brands and advice for over 75 years.

Insights worth shouting about

To maximise the impact, Nestlé Purina EMENA Insights team wanted to make sure the data was widely received and recognised across the organisation in Europe. So they approached Keen as Mustard to create a communication campaign to share the results within the business. We also thought it was a great opportunity to reinforce the impact of the insights team across the company.

Think before you speak

To communicate the results of the study effectively, we worked with Purina to establish a focused creative brief. Working through this process allowed us to define the single overriding message we wanted to communicate and to understand the audiences better, to ensure that we were saying the right things in the right way to the right people.

With a study that provided so many rich insights, narrowing down hundreds of interesting data points from across the markets to a single coherent message was a challenge. We helped our client to prioritise the most important message to be shared, establishing the information that would bring the most significant impact.

After agreeing the message, we recommended that the best way to tell the story was through a video – to get maximum emotional impact, and infographics – to communicate the insights the teams needed to make informed decisions about the strategic direction of the business. The video needed to be engaging from start to finish so we came up with a creative combination of visuals, vox pops and audio to tell the story, integrated with a few key data. This was then brought to life with catchy background music. The infographics shared the same look and feel as the video but provided slightly more granular explanation and detail.

Achieving real impact

The final video and infographics were met with enthusiasm by the insights team and the three key audiences at Purina. Catherine Ropers, Consumer Insights Manager at Nestlé Purina EMENA, commented on the effect of the materials,

“The material developed in partnership with Keen as Mustard has had a huge impact internally. Transforming complex learnings into a simple, concise, and compelling story telling has been a key factor of success in this project, and Keen as Mustard did an amazing job to help us nailing down key messages and bring them to life in a very engaging way, with a relevant communication style. As a result, not only the insights were fully understood and integrated by our audience, but this also helped to amplify our impact as an Insight function, with a strong internal recognition of the initiative and multiple requests to deep dive into the insights”

After sharing the video internally, Catherine received several requests to receive further information on the study from the key audiences. The groups also commented on the quality and style of the materials:

‘The video is really well done.’

‘Informative. Concise. Visual. Great job!’

‘Awesome work.’

‘Super emotional with the music and the vox pops, it works so well together.’

Successfully communicating the insights from a pivotal study across the business can feel daunting, but with the right guidance it doesn’t have to be difficult. What is important is to find a partner that can both understand the data and insight and help weave it into a compelling story.