Getting local engagement from a global segmentation

“Working with Keen as Mustard was an inspiration. The team revolutionised our approach to communicating the global segmentation in our local market. Our local marketing and sales teams have never been so enthusiastic about one of our projects and the impact on the perception of our team as a strategic support has been significant.”
Head of Insights, Global CPG Company, Asia

A leading consumer packaged goods company based in the US needed help communicating their new global consumer segmentation in an important Asian market. We stepped in to help them get maximum engagement with their local sales and marketing teams.

By producing highly professional and impactful internal communications the local insight team has proved its value as a strategic support to the sales and marketing team and improved its perception overall.

As the strategy was to use this same global segmentation in all markets, we could not change the segments; our mission was to create compelling stories which would resonate in the local market.


1. Data deep dive
We worked with the local insights team to look into the different segments and categorised them into new sub-segments, to produce a deeper understanding of the local consumers.

2. Behavioural analysis
Then, we undertook a thorough analysis of the behavioural differences between the segments to ensure we they stood out amongst each other and were meaningfully different.

3. Application of cultural nuances
We worked hard to find local cultural nuances that were particular to each segment, what made them tick and how they purchased and engaged with the company’s products.


We brought the segments to life by creating avatars and named in them in the local language in accordance with their personal attributes and how they fitted into the market. We distilled the key dimensions and motivations into a five star ‘Top Trumps’ scoring system which highlighted the differences. To ensure the materials were as interactive and engaging as possible, we implemented a plethora of multi-media content including animated films and a digital treasure-hunt game.


1. Exceeded KPIs
Despite working remotely during a pandemic, the local teams exceeded their KPIs, stealing market share and delivering 15% increase in sales in the local market following the segmentation launch.

2. Engaged more with consumers
The new strategy allowed the sales team to target consumers more efficiently and engage with them more effectively, ultimately generating increased ROI.

3. Teams know how to target consumers
The marketing team are now more aware of how to serve specific segments’ needs and wants with suitable communications and promotional activity, which resonates with consumers personally and builds engagement with the brand.