Helping Adobe revolutionise the impact of consumer insights

Adobe’s Brand Strategy and Consumer Insights teams recognised an opportunity to improve internal communication.

We conducted a thorough content audit (length, quality, consistency, visuals, channels, and formats) and scored and compared content to other global organisations.

Following interactive workshops with the team to fully explore their communication needs and key channels, we were able to put together clear communication guidelines and templates to help the team improve impact.

Working smarter, not harder
– Impactful, easy-to-use report, presentation and proposal templates (5 killer slides  with versions for different audiences and types of study)
– Newsletter and email templates
– Communication guidelines; storytelling, copywriting and length


“I’m very impressed with the way you’ve gone beyond the “what”. This will encourage our team to go further and look at the real business implications.”

Heather Coombs, Head of Strategy, Adobe