Helping Sanofi humanise insights to inspire customer-centricity

Sanofi’s CEO wanted to make the business ‘more human, and more kind’ and fully leverage their wealth of consumer insight.

Working closely with the global CX Insights team we created a new brand, Humankind, to make insights more memorable and accessible across the business.

We brought the brand to life with an ongoing campaign and communication stream, sharing relevant insights in multiple formats; new logo, a series of videos, infographics, articles, whitepapers, and a newsletter.

Instant impact, lasting change
– Humankind instantly resonated, putting consumer insight at the heart of the company
– Content was widely used, creating a new standard for human-centered innovation
– Strong positive impression of the team

“I’m very happy for us to show the organization that we are crazy elevating our creativity in how we tell our consumers’ stories to inspire consumer-centricity!”
Seth Minsk, Sanofi