InsightsNow’s journey to create a distinctive brand positioning

In a crowded market, InsightsNow wanted to redefine its brand for greater impact.

Harnessing the collective wisdom of client interviews and interactive workshops with InsightsNow’s senior leaders, we embarked on a journey to uncover the essence of their brand.

Delving deep into competitive analysis and scrutinising existing content, we used our proven frameworks to identify the core message that would resonate most with clients and prospects and crafted a full positioning statement, messaging strategy and elevator pitch.

Winning in the moment
-Unique new positioning focuses on pivotal consumer moments
-A creative brief encompassed the impactful new positioning
-Design of new, modern and relevant visual identity, website and ongoing content


“…clearly articulated, crisp and clear; on par with P&G – it is BEST IN CLASS.”

InsightsNow, board member