Raising a beast

Developing the visual identity for MRX industry legend Tom Ewing’s new business – Wordbeast.

After agreeing a creative brief to keep us on track, we worked on concepts, drawing lots of sketches of beasts, some of which you can see here. Once we agreed on the right concept, we converted from paper into the computer, made design tweaks and developed the variations of the logo for use at small sizes, for example as favicons.

Tom unveiled the logo when he spoke at our Insights Marketing Day event in London and subsequently launched it officially to much positive comment.

“Simon and the Mustard team did a brilliant job bringing Wordbeast to life! I didn’t think my idea at the start was that clear to be honest – there’s a lot of beasts out there and anything from a dinosaur to a deer could have fitted. In my head I wanted something which could have been an indie record label or comics company logo, and as soon as I saw Simon’s elephant I knew we were on just the right track.”

Tom Ewing. Wordbeast