Are your PowerPoints lacking pizzazz?

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Are your PowerPoints lacking pizzazz?
Posted on March 30, 2021 by Camilla Baker

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Take your graphic design skills to the next level

To design professional and impactful materials we all need graphic design skills. But, how many of us in insights understand design and approach our work in the way a graphic designer would? And now that meetings, events, presentations, coffee, dating and just about everything else has been taken online, getting clarity and impact from your deliverables is more important than ever.

Fear not! Simon Dunn, Mustard’s very own graphic design guru has teamed up with the Market Research Society, to bring you a one-day online course to equip you with the skills to assess and improve your work – and that of others – so that you can design professional and impactful materials.

Tailored to anyone who creates client materials as part of their job including those who may need a refresher, this course will involve lots of interactive exercises and one-on-one support. Expect case studies, role-playing, mock interviews and more.

You still have time to book for the course on Wednesday 31st March. To find out more, and to sign up, click here: