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Change our image for good
Posted on October 1, 2018 by Simon Dunn

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Lucy Davison is running for ESOMAR Council

Having been the UK ESOMAR Rep for the last three years, Lucy has decided she has more to offer the industry and has put herself forward as a candidate in the elections for ESOMAR Council. As a Rep, Lucy has worked with her co-Rep Crispin Beale, to improve ESOMAR Rep communications, and has organised many successful university trips and local events for members. This has shared thought leadership with a much broader audience than ever before, and led to increased UK membership for ESOMAR.

But Lucy feels there’s a lot more she can do to help improve the image of research and insights. As the only person to stand for Council who has over 30 years’ experience in marketing and brand building, with 18 years of that in strategy, marketing and communications for companies such as Research International, Research Now and Coca-Cola as well as research agencies and technology suppliers of every size, Lucy has a unique and valuable perspective of the industry. As a marketer and implementer and not only as a researcher and strategist – she feels she is well placed to help communicate the value of what we do much more widely.

A poor PR image has many repercussions. It means as an industry we don’t get the pick of students and graduates to enter research and insights. It means a lot of business people are suspicious of us; SME’s do not want to use research as they do not understand the benefits and we are missing out on a vast potential market for insight. We are constantly on the back foot, needing to explain and sell the benefits of what we do, even within the marketing industry.

And finally, perhaps most problematically, we have a dwindling pool of people to take part on our studies – unless we build the profile and value of insight we are staring down the barrel of a gun.
So, Lucy is on a mission to change the face of research and insights.

To see her election statement video click here

The Elections open on 8 October 2018 and close on 29 October 2018 (12:00 CEST). Eligible ESOMAR Members will receive an official voting invitation and voting instructions by e-mail. So make sure your details are up to date in My Esomar at and look out for that voting email.