Design training courses exclusive to data, research and insight professionals

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Design training courses exclusive to data, research and insight professionals
Posted on August 11, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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Keen as Mustard Marketing and data analytics and online reporting company Boobook are offering full-day design training courses for researchers, available in Brussels on 4 October and London on 11 October. The one-day course offers researchers a chance to improve their storytelling abilities by learning the principles of designing effective reports and presentations for clients and internal stakeholders. A full description of the course is provided below.

Please register for the London course here.

If you’re interested in joining us at the Brussels course instead, please register here. Spaces are limited so be sure to claim your spot. For further information please get in touch with Simon at

Course description:
We are all designers… we use graphic design software every day in the form of PowerPoint. Yet we are never taught the fundamental principles of design. Why does one design look good and another, for some unidentified reason, simply look wrong?

Likewise, we’re constantly pushed as researchers to use our designs to tell a story, so why do the slides we create fail to resemble the story we want to tell? We have a lot of information to translate into a simple chart, but it is difficult for one chart to tell a story without proper training.

We have the solution…
This is an essential course for anyone interested in improving their storytelling abilities through the design of reports and presentations. Simon Dunn, creative director at Keen as Mustard Marketing, will guide you through the core principles of design, how to use PPT properly and how to find and use appropriate imagery. Nicole Huyghe, managing director and founder of Boobook, will focus on how to condense [big] data into a few clear charts and how to select the right chart for the story you want to tell.

Who should attend?
Data, research, insight and market intelligence professionals who need to create reports, charts, presentations or stakeholder communications – both agency and client side.

This is what we’re offering…
1. Learn the principles of good design and how to apply them
2. Learn PowerPoint tips and tricks to speed up and improve your use of PowerPoint
3.  Learn to create relevant and appropriate charts that enhance the story you want to tell

What’s in it for you?
By the end of the course you will have a fundamental understanding of what makes a design and a chart effective. You will be able to apply this to your presentations and reports to improve them visually and support clear storytelling. You will also be able to improve the efficiency of your use of PowerPoint day-to-day.

What you need to know…
– One full day training in a small group
– You will receive a handout of all slides at the end of the course
– You will need a laptop with the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi

Please register for the London course here.