Designing a new PowerPoint template for August Equity

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Designing a new PowerPoint template for August Equity
Posted on May 26, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Via a connection within the MR industry, investment company August Equity approached us with the task of updating its PowerPoint template.

The company had recently redesigned its website, making its existing PowerPoint out of date. Additionally, there were several design issues that made the old template frustrating to work with.

We began with an initial consultation meeting to help us understand how they use PowerPoint, the short comings of the existing template and how it could be improved.

We then created a new template which closely resembled the company website. We used the site as a brand style guide by effectively embedding its colours and graphical elements into PowerPoint.

We built the template on a grid system which allowed it to be incredibly flexible. Since August Equity primarily uses its template to deliver reports instead of presenting them, this system allowed us to keep fonts small and make full use of the grid system to allow layout variation.

After presenting the template and making a few minor additional refinements, we delivered the final version along with instructional videos to explain matters such as how to ‘tint’ images in the correct way and how to update slide masters.