Differentiating L&E Research through a ‘Real America’ campaign

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Differentiating L&E Research through a ‘Real America’ campaign
Posted on May 26, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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L&E Research, a US qualitative recruitment and facilities provider, came to us in fear that they were lacking personality and the ability to stand out from competition.

We were tasked with developing a campaign (preferably clever and witty with a bit of humour) to give a strong message about L&E.

The ‘Real America’ concept was developed to showcase L&E’s differential factor- that its facilities are situated in ‘B’ markets, in cities such as Baltimore and Cincinnati, that give numerous advantages such as increased diversity.

Originally a brand strategy, we agreed ‘Real America’ would work better as an advertising campaign. So we turned it into just that.

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L&E research - Advert - Final Artwork

L&E - Bellyband Artwork