Five top tips for marketing on LinkedIn

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Five top tips for marketing on LinkedIn
Posted on July 16, 2014 by Iosetta Santini

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Have you ever thought of making your brand more social? Then look no further than here. We’ve shared our top tips for engaging with and increasing your LinkedIn followers:


1Don’t post sales content. LinkedIn users are not looking to be sold a product, they’re looking for information that could help them improve their skills and help them solve business problems. Try to post only thought leadership content.

2Use language that is simple and easy to understand. Jargon will get you nowhere; talk to them like you’d talk to your friends.

3Keep it brief. Spark their interest with an engaging introduction and invite them to read more on your website (don’t forget to include a link!). Once there you can promote your services and generate a call to action.

4Boost engagement with a promoted post. If you’re new to LinkedIn and keen on growing your follower base, promote one of your posts. LinkedIn is very good at segmenting your targeted audience and the investment is very low compared to other options. Promote one of your posts and make sure to target the right audience –you can go from zero to hero in a short time.

5Have a plan. As with everything in life, your efforts can be maximised by having a plan. Before posting think about what you want to communicate and tailor your message/content accordingly.

If you’d like some help with engaging with and growing your LinkedIn following, then please get in touch with us.