Marketing advice for market researchers at Insights Marketing Day London

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Marketing advice for market researchers at Insights Marketing Day London
Posted on March 2, 2017 by Braden MacDonald

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On 23 February we sponsored Insights Marketing Day in London. Prior to the day, the event hosts GreenBook asked a few of the speakers to send in some marketing resources, recommendations and advice for data, research and insight professionals. The first speaker asked was our own Lucy Davison.

Lucy Davison, Managing Director at Keen as Mustard Marketing

What’s the best marketing advice you ever received?
Your best marketing is your people – so you cannot over-communicate internally within a company (so if you want your marketing to work, everyone in the business needs to be informed and aligned).

What’s a favorite marketing or sales book you can recommend?
I dislike business advice type books and find them tough to read. Stories about business are way better – Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street, by John Brooks – is the best I have read on that front. But think if anyone wants to learn to write well, they should read George Orwell. In fact, given the current political climate, they should probably read George Orwell right now!

What do you hope people will get out of your presentation?
Step back from their marketing problems and get a clear, strategic view.

What’s your recipe for marketing/sales success?
Trial and error, be prepared to take risks.


Sarah Lansberry, Customer Strategy & Insight Manager at Experian

What’s the best marketing/sales advice you ever got?
Imagine you are trying to sell your product to your grandmother or best friend. They don’t want a marketing line, they want to know they are getting good value – now just replace your grandmother with your prospective customer in that scenario.

What’s a favourite marketing/sales book you can recommend?
Thinking Fast and Slow is still one of my favourite books when thinking about marketing strategies. The key take outs to apply to marketing – (1) use positive associations of your brand which reinforce the idea your product is the intuitive choice; (2) market to the ‘memory self’, it’s memories that matter, not experiences; (3) appeal to the ‘fast thinking’ by marketing yourself as the intuitive choice, not the logical choice.

What do you hope people will get out of your presentation?
Clients really do want to be sold great services, but they don’t want to be sold stuff. It’s great if we can get good value for money for the services we buy, but even better if we feel that both parties are benefitting from the partnership.

Any marketing/sales blogs or publications you like to read?
eConsultancy, Google Think, and Digital Marketer are regular go-tos.


Christophe Ovaere, CMO at ZappiStore

What’s the best marketing or sales advice you ever received?
Be genuine. Two things people judge you on for the first time: can I trust this, and do I respect this. (Harvard Psychologist)

What’s a favorite marketing book you can recommend?
How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know by Byron Sharp.

What do you hope people will get out of your presentation?
That they feel empowered by technology, not drowned or overwhelmed by it.

Any marketing blogs or publications you like to read?
I love reading Fast Company.

What’s your recipe for marketing and sales success?
Be loud, be distinctive, be genuine. Every time you communicate, ask yourself: “WHY would our customers or targets read this?” What’s the value of it to them? Your product or service cannot be the answer here.


Priscilla McKinney, President of Little Bird Marketing

What’s the best marketing/social media advice you ever got?
Don’t write a single social media post until you are crystal clear about your ideal client persona.

What do you hope people when get out of your presentation?
I want to demystify the confusion around how traditional AND social media is broken. I want to teach people not exactly what to do, but how to think so they can choose the best thing to do no matter how things change over time.

Any tools you can’t live without?
HubSpot is what I call the “Fellowship of the Ring” dashboard – one dashboard to unite them all!

Do you have any blog posts, videos, eBooks, or other materials you’d like to share with current/prospective attendees?
I have TONS of free resources at!