Mastering change for Cambiar

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Mastering change for Cambiar
Posted on August 12, 2020 by Simon Dunn

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Specialist MRX consulting firm Cambiar Consulting had a brand and website that had not been updated in years. It felt at odds with the personality of the company and the unique, smart work that they do within the industry.

Through the initial strategy refinement work we did with Managing Partner, Simon Chadwick, we were able to pinpoint the core benefit they deliver to clients – value growth. This is what we call a “single overriding message”, the most important element to communicate and what we should build the brand and website around. Once we have this, along with the company personality and tone of voice, the process of design becomes clearer, less about individual likes and dislikes and more about what is right for the brand. We use the single overriding message to focus our creative brief which means we understand exactly what needs to be done and what the design should look like.

To start the project we looked at Cambiar logo. Using the creative brief as reference we tweaked the logo to bring the value growth message into the design using vertical arrows, whilst retaining the personality of the original logo by keeping the font.

We could now turn our attention to the website. We started by creating a wireframe of the pages, focusing on reducing the complexity of the old site and totally rethinking the navigation and UX – ending up with just four buttons.

Once the wireframe content and layout were signed off, we started the design. We were aiming for a really clean simple site with a focus on imagery around growth, we also used the arrows we came up with for the visual identity to build icons and a background pattern. We designed all the site pages in Adobe Illustrator, sharing PDF files of the design as we moved forward. The final stage was to use Adobe XD to prototype the navigation of the site so we could see how it would flow. To build the site we worked with Cambiar’s developers in Carolina using the Wix website build and hosting system, they translated the design into the drag and drop builder.

The site was launched in July. Simon and his co-Managing Partner, Michael Mitrano were very pleased with the feedback and received many spontaneous positive comments:

“Keen as Mustard not only refreshed our brand and site, they gave new vigour and relevance to both. When we launched the new look on LinkedIn, 10,000 people read the posts and hundreds commented. The sentiments expressed were all highly positive, with many commenting on how clean, modern and alive the site was. With the renewed focus on value growth, our brand is now crystal clear in its purpose and prospective clients can quickly and easily understand the benefits we offer them”

Simon Chadwick, Cambiar Consulting

Take a look at the website for yourself here