Mustard is lovin’ its new graphic designer (and the feeling is mutual)

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Mustard is lovin’ its new graphic designer (and the feeling is mutual)
Posted on January 19, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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In early November, Keen as Mustard hired a new junior graphic designer to complete the team. KaM immediately spotted strong potential in Siobhan and over the past few months she has certainly lived up to those expectations.



We asked Siobhan about her experience working with team Mustard so far and here’s what she said:

I can’t believe I have been with KaM for nearly three months. Time has flown by!

My first project was a lot of fun. I was assigned the task of designing the 2016 KaM Christmas card. Luckily Team Mustard has a lot of personality, so designing a card that fit the branding came easily.

It was a great way to get to know everyone as it was a very personal card. The card design included a jar of everyone’s favourite mustard flavour, topped off with a Christmas hat of their choice. To make it work, everyone had to tell me which Christmas hat suited them best- the answers ranged from reindeer antlers to a turkey hat. I thought it was really interesting that out of a team of seven, we each chose very unique flavours and hat styles.

One of the best things about working here is that I can honestly say I’ve learned something new every day I have worked here. This is because we work as such a close-knit team. I get to dip my design skills into everything from web design to public relations.

Another great thing is that everyone is always willing to help you out if you find yourself stuck. The team is constantly exchanging ideas and working together to solve any problem presented. Even Dea, our Chocolate Labrador, will encourage you to leave the warm, cozy office and brace the cold to go to lunch. After all, Dea is always up for a brisk walk.

I look forward to continuing my growth as a designer and I am excited by all of the future projects that are coming in.