Mustard on tour!

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Mustard on tour!
Posted on March 7, 2022 by Braden MacDonald

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The return of in-person events, and where to find us in 2022

A people and knowledge-based industry like research and insight cannot thrive without physical, in-person events. The exchange of ideas, innovations, technology and conversation, never mind friendship, cannot be underestimated. Yes, we all adjusted as best we could to existing in a purely digital way, but now, live events are back, and we are looking forward to them more than ever.

We’re keen to let you know what events the team at Mustard will be attending and speaking at, so you can look out for us and come along to hear what we have to say. One thing is for sure; we’re definitely pulling out all the stops to make sure we see as many (new and old) faces as we can.

We’ll be at IIEX North America (Austin) in April, where our very own Colonel Mustard, Lucy Davison, will speak and give another one of her unique, not to be missed, presentations. This year we’ll take you to Hollywood (sadly, not literally) with a talk on what insights teams can learn from Hollywood to get impact. She’ll also be on the Insights Marketing Day stage at the same event, sharing how to apply the FAME framework for agencies. What’s better is, if you can’t make it to the US in April, Lucy will also be presenting ‘What Insights can learn from Hollywood’ on another Continent at IIEX Europe (Amsterdam) in June. So, there’s double the chance of seeing this brilliant presentation, and opportunity to see it twice if you liked it so much the first time!

Additionally, other members of the Mustard team including Simon Dunn and Iosetta Santini, will be taking to the stage at IMD Amsterdam in June, joining Lucy at that event. At IMD we’ll specifically be showcasing our marketing expertise for market research companies in a learning experience you can’t afford to miss, so make sure to watch out for us if you’re there.

And if that’s not enough, keep an eye out for us at Quirk’s London in May…we’re keeping our plans for this one as a surprise so keep tuned for the big reveal, or see us at Quirk’s New York this year if you’re not able to make it to London. Finally, we’re really excited to say we’ll be attending the ESOMAR Congress in Toronto later in the year in order to make a film for ESOMAR, so do make sure to meet up with us if you’re going to be there too.

Catching up at in-person events is essential for the industry. There is so much to discuss and learn as the MRX sector has evolved throughout the pandemic. From sustainability to brand purpose to brand transformation – these are just a few of the trending topics that key speakers and insight professionals will explore at the many live events that are going ahead this year. And with international travel right now being given the green light, we’re keen to take our knowledge and inspiration worldwide once again.

See you at an in-person event very soon!