Old Auntie still reigns supreme in clients’ eyes

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Old Auntie still reigns supreme in clients’ eyes
Posted on November 21, 2018 by Simon Dunn

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Data is an intrinsic part of all of our lives, everyone has shared data, many have access to that data but who really owns it, and who is lobbying on behalf of the consumer to ensure that data is managed and stored correctly?

This is a message that we are always looking to drive with ESOMAR. As the global guardians of ethical data collection it’s vital that inside the industry and out, they continue to push to the data protection debate forward. Last month we were able to drive this message to business leaders across the globe. After working closely with the producers at BBC, we were delighted to secure Finn Raben, director general at ESOMAR an interview to discuss all things data on BBC Business Live. BBC Business Live is broadcast across the globe on both BBC News and BBC World Service.

The interview which lasted over six minutes saw Finn discuss a whole range of topics from how ESOMAR was working with the European Union to ensure the voice of the data industries are represented with legislators  – all the way through to the recent data breaches from Facebook and how tech companies use and collect consumer data.

The BBC spent over 25 minutes ahead of the interview discussing ESOMAR and data with Finn and are looking forward to him appearing next time there is a major data story. Let’s just hope we as consumers are not affected.