Powerful content marketing to drive conversions for a new product feature

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Powerful content marketing to drive conversions for a new product feature
Posted on October 10, 2018 by Braden MacDonald

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Search-driven analytics platform KnowledgeHound recently launched a new product feature, Connectors, to integrate third party survey sources with its platform – and SurveyMonkey was the first. Users of SurveyMonkey and similar survey sources can now import all of their team’s data into a single place for easier exploration and analysis.

To support the launch, we needed a content campaign that would not only generate awareness and interest, but also generate leads and sign ups. We also wanted to promote KnowledgeHound as thought leaders, particularly around storytelling and search-driven analytics.

First, we proposed the idea – the challenge in communicating insight to a wider audience. Next, we interviewed insight teams from our friends at Twitter, Coca-Cola and Kadence International.

The outputs were 2,000 words of insight from these industry experts, and tips and valuable pieces of advice on how they ensure their data really makes an impact on their business.

Here’s a peak into the content:

“I think the greatest talent a researcher can have is to take the most complex market mix model and be brave enough to take one number out of it and discard the rest. And I don’t think that, as an industry, we’re very good at that.”

– Jake Steadman, Senior Director of Research, International & Agency, Twitter

We then turned this insight into a professionally designed, downloadable white paper that highlighted KnowledgeHound’s distinctive style and branding. The whitepaper was distributed via email campaigns targeting KnowledgeHound’s core audience of insight directors at Fortune 1000 companies and was supported with further blogs.

So, what were the results? In addition to a very interesting and thought-provoking piece of insight, KnowledgeHound converted 30 marketing qualified leads with 2-3 true sales opportunities.

If you want practical solutions to overcoming the challenges of communicating insights effectively, with real world examples from clients like Twitter and Coca-Cola, you can download the white paper here.