Pushing boundaries and taking risks: our take on NewMR’s ‘Presenting and Reporting’ webinar series

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Pushing boundaries and taking risks: our take on NewMR’s ‘Presenting and Reporting’ webinar series
Posted on October 29, 2021 by Braden MacDonald

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Through its two waves of research into the state of market research reports and reporting, carried out between 2019 and 2021, NewMR recognised the need for researchers to up their game when it comes to reporting. Only 30% of report recipients rated reports as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ in 2019. Its ‘Presenting and Reporting’ webinar looked at how to engage and inform your audiences, with its speakers looking at different aspects of presenting, reporting and communicating.

Along with our very own Simon Dunn, one of the highlights was Geoff Lowe, from Infotools, in a fireside chat with Ray Poynter.  They discussed the importance role of client side researchers in communicating and democratising insights by empowering more people within to get involved with research reporting. Pushbacks happen, of course, but Geoff advises ensuring that all parties are engaged and senior members are guiding.

Shobha Prasad, from Drshti Research and Shobservatory, spoke about what she has learnt about communicating from cartooning. Shobha has been cartooning for over two decades as a hobby, but more recently she started using it as a stress reliver and to express herself. She then realised that she was getting a better impact from cartooning than reporting so started to apply the principles of cartooning to reporting, Shoba advises to find the essentials and single message that you want to convey, don’t overstate, and stay light-hearted.

The overriding message from the webinar is that researchers shouldn’t be tempted to stick with the status quo. Even if it is assumed that you should present and report in a certain way, that doesn’t mean you should follow. Test the waters and – in most cases – your risk will pay off.

You can view the series of webinars here: https://newmr.org/events/2021/presenting-and-reporting/