Simon Dunn on Infographics: An infotactics webinar

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Simon Dunn on Infographics: An infotactics webinar
Posted on July 5, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

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‘Webinar’ – the word is a portmanteau of web and seminar and encompasses all online workshops and conferences. According to RSM’s survey of research professionals, they are used by 30% of those in the research industry to stay up-to-date with everything research – they’re more popular than Twitter.

On Friday 28th June, Mustard’s very own Simon Dunn hosted a #NewMR webinar on infographics.

Infotactics’ purpose is to introduce the infographic, and to take the market research professional through the process of developing one. Participants are taken through the why, what and how of the infographic by Dunn, who brilliantly describes the infographic as ‘a poster boy for findings‘.

Watch Infotactics here:


A successful affair, the webinar was watched by 175 people from around the globe – many tweets were tweeted – and many insights taken away.