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So Med Mustard
Posted on April 11, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

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Mustard’s So Med campaign is relatively simple. We participate weekly in MRX conversations. We make sure to publicize the work of our clients via twitter, storify and our home blog, whilst attaching them to the most relevant social media pieces out there in the twitter-verse and blog-osphere. Since January we’ve gained more than 70 followers.

The month of March was particularly buzz-worthy for Mustard when our own Lucy Davison traveled to Dubai for the ESOMAR Best of – MENAP conference to present and conduct a workshop on communicating insights. We also supported one of our clients, Vision Critical, at the MRS Live! conference after securing for them sponsorship and the opportunity to host an online community.

Lucy, when she wasn’t presenting, spent most of her time at the ESOMAR sessions live-tweeting and created a lot of interesting conversations around the session themes, main points and interesting questions for #MRX. So much so that @keenasmustard was included in the Agility Research MRX Daily for the first week in March.

Mustard was at live-tweeting again for the MRS Live! conference. We were recognized by MRS’s Jane Frost for being one of her favorite tweeters and by Tweet Category Data as one of the most active users.