Successful Sensory Change

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Successful Sensory Change
Posted on April 6, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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How Seventh Generation changed a fragrance without losing consumer appeal.

Manufacturers of consumer products are continually evolving with new variants of their products.  A major component of this is the fragrance as the final product scent can play a major part in consumer purchasing decisions in a wide range of products.  But how easy and efficient has it been up until now to test differences between prototypes, and to then have the information about consumer appeal, that will underpin which variant to take to market?  While there has been continual innovation in product development, the area of sensory research itself has been slow to change.

Q Research Solutions, (QRS), collaborated with Seventh Generation to test a formulation change for a hand wash.  A formulation change was going to require additional testing to determine the consumer reaction to the existing and two reformulated prototype fragrances.  QRS wanted to see which formulation (control or the test products) consumers would find the most appealing, both at the neat and at the ‘in-use’ stages while in a central location.  The aim was to see how much the consumers liked each, would be likely to purchase and to use the different variations.

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