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Research Now speaks out for market research Posted on February 11, 2014 by Iosetta Santini

Many market researchers will have experienced Peugeotulsion in the past few months. Peu-geot-ulsion (Per-joh-uhl-shun) noun: The act of expelling a mouthful of one’s TV dinner in anger after having seen Peugeot’s latest advert. In said advert, named ‘Design and Driving’, Peugeot appears to suggest that their car designs are not based on market research – which they have chosen to represent with huge piles of paper, stuffed full of charts. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here:

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‘I don’t know’: why honesty is the best policy Posted on June 24, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

‘I don’t know’ is a phrase seldom coined in comfortable situations – especially in the boardroom. However, its use is of crucial importance in business, despite the impression you might give on The Apprentice. It can be hard for a business leader to admit a gap in their knowledge but Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics thinks that it’s an essential aspect of the job. In an interview with Marketing Week, he explained his opinion. Click here to watch the video.

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It’s the age of the online community and Vision Critical lead the way Posted on January 9, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

Market research is finally responding to the pressure of balancing big data with consumer engagement. Not everyone is on board, but online community specialists, Vision Critical, are blazing a trail. An article in Marketing Week this week features one of Vision Critical's clients, CBS Outdoor, who used VC's online communities to understand city dwellers and create campaigns that deliver engaged customers. But it's about more than consumer engagement and data, as Jonathan Bacon's article points out. If you don't have

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Research Now’s post-Olympic legacy study in Marketing Week Posted on October 19, 2012 by Iosetta Santini

A post-Olympic study conducted by Research Now identified the real Olympic legacy left by the Games: British morale and a boost in brand perception for some of the sponsors. Even better, Marketing Week liked the story so much it was featured in the online opinion section. You can read the full article here.

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