The story of PRS IN VIVO: visualising a merger

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The story of PRS IN VIVO: visualising a merger
Posted on November 24, 2016 by Braden MacDonald

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Keen as Mustard Marketing was thrilled to accept the challenge of helping the world’s two leading, shopper and packaging behavioural insight companies to merge; PRS (headquartered in the US) and IN VIVO (headquartered in Paris).

Our initial work focused on what the two existing company brands stood for, and how to integrate the best of both. Mustard ran a workshop in Paris with the new executive board to get the team working through exercises to articulate the new values and personality of the merged business. We built on this to communicate the new brand – its proposition, benefits and the values that underpin this. These elements gave a great platform for new communication, identity, design and website.

As both previous names were used (rather than a complete change), the new site brought to life a balance of the expertise of the former companies, while also signalling constructive change. The new website was created to showcase a lively and dynamic company rooted in strong behavioural research and insight.

We created detailed wireframes to outline the structure of the new site. Then we created several different design options to bring the new company to life. This was delivered in a modern, clean and easy to navigate website that shared PRS IN VIVO’s remarkable story, services and expertise.

Jonathan Asher, executive vice president of PRS IN VIVO said:

“Keen as Mustard took us through a really thorough and integrated process. Lucy brought together the thinking of the entire global team and enabled us to articulate a strategic platform for our new brand in a way that really inspired us. Mustard’s designers, Simon and Siobhan, incorporated our ideas and opinions and put them into action. We are very pleased with the result and the positive feedback we had from both clients and staff alike.”