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Maximising the potential of your PR agency: the importance of time and trust Posted on May 14, 2019 by Jennifer Redfern

If you’ve been following our series on how to get the best out of your PR agency, you should now be on the home run! You’ve discussed and agreed what success looks like from the outset, you’ve communicated campaigns internally, you’ve committed to a differentiated brand offering and you’re being realistic about the type of coverage you can achieve. The next step in your PR journey is to give the process time and trust the experts. Although reputations of brands

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How can you get more impact from the insights team? Posted on March 14, 2019 by Jennifer Redfern

Insights teams are one of the most valuable areas of the business in terms of proving ROI, but their value is often under-appreciated by wider stakeholders who do not interact with research projects day to day. This means insights teams must prove the importance of insights through marketing and communicating them effectively to internal teams who would benefit from the knowledge. Insights teams aren’t ‘librarians’ of data, but active participants in the future of companies. However, they need to adapt,

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Maximising the value of your PR: differentiating your company and being realistic Posted on February 28, 2019 by Jennifer Redfern

In the crowded world of data and insights, standing out is essential. When a client has a choice of hundreds of agencies or suppliers, they need to know what exactly sets you apart from your competitors and why you can meet their needs best. Defining your area of expertise or specialism and acting as a thought leader in this area will help establish your company as the ‘go to’ agency or supplier for a specific requirement. At the beginning of

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Is your marketing cutting the mustard? Sign up for the Keen as Mustard London client clinic Posted on February 28, 2019 by Jennifer Redfern

To book your appointment please email Marketing and communication is not always easy. It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint what needs resources and what doesn’t, and where do you start? Well, Keen as Mustard is here to help with our first ever client clinic in London. Book an appointment, provide us some details of your marketing and communications challenges, rock up and get an hour of free advice from senior consultants from the only full-service marketing agency serving

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Quirk’s London and IIeX EU: a marketer’s perspective Posted on February 28, 2019 by Jennifer Redfern

February was a busy month on the 2019 MRX events calendar, with two hotly anticipated events taking place within days of each other across Europe. Quirk’s London and IIeX EU were two great conferences to kick off the year with, with interesting and relevant content for knowledge-building from a number of expert speakers. But instead of looking at the topics covered, major themes and presentations we enjoyed, we thought we’d take a look at both events from a marketer’s perspective,

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Maximising the value of your PR agency from the outset: defining success and planning to achieve it Posted on January 14, 2019 by admin

One of the most common mistakes a business makes when employing a PR agency is, ironically, not communicating properly. This can be frustrating for both parties, especially when one side is “employed” to communicate the business’ messages to the wider world. The agency is an extension of your business, relaying key information to journalists, shareholders, investors and potential employees. If your PR agency is not equipped with all the information that they need, they will fail in delivering the messaging

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