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Mastering change for Cambiar Posted on August 12, 2020 by Simon Dunn

Specialist MRX consulting firm Cambiar Consulting had a brand and website that had not been updated in years. It felt at odds with the personality of the company and the unique, smart work that they do within the industry. Through the initial strategy refinement work we did with Managing Partner, Simon Chadwick, we were able to pinpoint the core benefit they deliver to clients – value growth. This is what we call a “single overriding message”, the most important element

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The poster boys for big data Posted on July 25, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

There are endless campaigns to stop the pressure that young women face to look good. But there are no such things to stop the increasing pressure that is put on data to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s an epidemic, there are never-ending examples of perfectly pampered infographics are cropping up everywhere. But we're not campaigning for the rights of data - we think it's good that people are presenting their data more prettily. Mustard’s Director, Simon Dunn is a sucker for good

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Simon Dunn on Infographics: An infotactics webinar Posted on July 5, 2013 by Iosetta Santini

‘Webinar’ – the word is a portmanteau of web and seminar and encompasses all online workshops and conferences. According to RSM’s survey of research professionals, they are used by 30% of those in the research industry to stay up-to-date with everything research – they’re more popular than Twitter. On Friday 28th June, Mustard’s very own Simon Dunn hosted a #NewMR webinar on infographics. Infotactics' purpose is to introduce the infographic, and to take the market research professional through the process

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Christmas-ize your website! Posted on December 4, 2012 by Iosetta Santini

Mustard's design team recently undertook Operation: Christmas-ize for Four Eyes Research, Ltd. by putting the Christmas trimmings on the company's website! Check out the website here.    

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The Annual Alumni Dinner Posted on October 24, 2012 by Iosetta Santini

Team Mustard has just had The Annual Alumni Dinner where rookie seeds and veterans got together to meet, greet, eat a meal based entirely on the delicious Mustard condiment, drink and be Mustard-merry. Hosted à la maison de Colonel Mustard, Lucy Davison, the guest list featured current Mustards, co-director Simon Dunn, PR associate Jocelyn Senior, account manager Santiago Dominguez, PR assistant Randi Hunton, and former Mustards Rachael Miller and Mark Kimber. “What does this dinner have to do with marketing or

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